Submission of Modified Local Plan

The Modified Local Plan was submitted to the Inspector by Warwick District Council on 3 June 2016.  It is anticipated that the public examination by the Inspector will take place from late September to December 2016 with a decision anticipated in early 2017.

Local Plan Submision to Government

On 28 January 2015 Warwick District Council approved a report recommending submission of the Warwick District Local Plan to Government to start the “Local Plan Examination in Public” process.  The Local Plan, representations, evidence and other documents will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 30 January 2015.

There is one minor change to the May 2014 version of the Warwick District Local Plan which has a direct effect on Kingswood/Lapworth:  the village boundary at Broom Hall Lane has been changed slightly to include buildings within the curtilage of a property which was itself within the previous boundary.  The revised boundary map can be seen as item “29.Kingswood (Amended)” in Appendix 1 of Council meeting 28/01/2015.

Local Plan Update

Following its consultation on the May 2014 version of the Warwick District Local Plan, WDC is proposing “significant focused changes to the Local Plan prior to its submission to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government”.  The changes are available for consultation until 12 December 2014.  Details of the changes and the relevant background documents can be viewed at  It is  understand that WDC will consider the revised document at their January 2015 meeting.

The changes do not appear to have any negative implications for Kingswood residents.  Consequently  WDC has been informed that the KRG does not wish to amend the representation that it made to the May 2014 version.




Response to Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan Consultation

Individual responses to the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan have to be submitted by 4.45 pm on Friday 27 June.  The on-line consultation document can be found at

The appropriate section would appear to be  DS11.   Please remember that responses should refer to process and methodology rather than detail.

The response submitted on behalf of the Kingswood Residents’ Group is as follows:

The Kingswood Residents’ Group supports the Pre-Submission Draft of the Warwick District Council Local Plan, and is of the opinion that due process has been followed in its development.  In particular Warwick District Council has arranged briefing meetings for village residents during its consultation periods, and has also held briefing meetings for Lapworth Parish Councillors.  Whilst communication has been slower than ideal at times between the several consultation periods, the Group believes that the overall process has been conducted fairly and professionally.  Consequently the Group commends Warwick District Council for producing a balanced document which meets its key national targets whilst also listening and responding to local views whenever good reasons have been presented by local residents.



Report of KRG Meeting of 24 April 2014

1.      Gerald Tanner, who will be moving to Sheffield next month, was thanked for acting as host for KRG Meetings over the last year at the Lees Chapel.  Those present wished him well in his new position.

 2.      It was reported that, at its Meeting on 23 April 2013, WDC approved the latest version of the Local Plan with 25 Councillors voting in favour, 11 against and 1 abstaining.  A summary of the WDC decision can be seen as the first document listed at Council meeting 23/04/2014.  It should be noted that the Local Plan was approved with two recommendations amended (see 4 below).

 3.      The approval of the Local Plan by WDC marks the end of the “preparation” stage and commences the “publication” stage.  In the latter stage there will be a further consultation period of six weeks commencing 12 May 2014 after which the Local Plan will be submitted to the Secretary of State in July/August for Independent Examination.  It should be noted that many Local Plans have been rejected at the Independent Examination stage.

 4.      It is understood that, in the further consultation, representations will have to be on the grounds of process rather than detail.  However, this understanding is clouded by the amended recommendations referred to in 2 above.  Amended Recommendation 2.5 refers to the Council delegating authority to the Chief Executive, following the six weeks’ consultation period, acting in consultation with Group Leaders and the Deputy Leader, to submit the Draft Local Plan for independent examination, together with a table of any proposed modifications, provided that only minor, non-material modifications are to be proposed.  However, Amended Recommendation 2.6 refers to Council delegating authority to the Executive to approve the submission of the Draft Local Plan for independent examination, together with a table of proposed modifications including material modifications, provided that such modifications do not require further statutory consultationThe implications of these two amendments are not clear and, hence, clarification will be sought from WDC.

 5.      The KRG will need to consider its position when clarification on the scope of the further consultation is obtained.  However, if representations are to be confined to matters of process it would seem that it will be WDC which will defend its processes.  Nevertheless it would seem prudent for the KRG to submit a representation supporting the Local Plan.  Such a representation will be drafted and circulated within the KRG for comment once the terms of reference of the consultation are clarified.

 6.      It was decided that, irrespective of the outcomes of the further consultation and the submission to the Secretary of State, the KRG should maintain its mailing list and its website.

 7.      It was considered that it would be helpful to provide evidence of the environmental, ecological and visual impact values of the fields to the east of Station Lane.  Symon Easton and Richard Forrester agreed to prepare appropriate postings for the website.

Next Open Meeting of the Kingswood Residents’ Group – 24 April 2014

The next Open Meeting of the Kingswood Residents’ Group has been arranged for 7.30 pm on Thursday 24 April 2014 in the Lees Chapel, Station Lane.  Please use the side entrance.

The main purpose of the Meeting is to discuss the future role of the KRG in the context of the proposals of the final version of the WDC Local Plan.

As a reminder, the final version of the WDC Local Plan, which will be considered by the WDC Executive on Wednesday 23 April, is available on the WDC website as Item 13 of Council meeting 23/04/2014.  Of particular relevance to the KRG are Appendix 1, Appendix 2 Map 29, and Appendix 3.


Response to Village Housing Options & Settlement Boundaries Consulation

The following response to the Village Housing Options & Settlement Boundaries Consultation was submitted on behalf of the Group today.  Please remember that your individual responses must be made by Monday 20 January 2014.


Kingswood Residents’ Group

Warwick District Council Local Plan

Response to Village Housing Options & Settlement Boundaries Consultation

of November 2013



This submission is made on behalf of the Kingswood Residents’ Group consisting of residents in the Kingswood area of Lapworth.

The Kingswood Residents’ Group welcomes the fact that Warwick District Council has taken note of the concerns raised independently in their responses to the Revised Development Strategy Consultation of June 2013 by the Kingswood Residents’ Group, Lapworth Parish Council and the Lapworth Parish Plan Steering Group in relation to the disproportionate number of dwellings proposed for Kingswood (Lapworth) in that June 2013 Strategy.  The Kingswood Residents’ Group is of the view that the proposal of 62 dwellings in the current Village Housing Options & Settlement Boundaries Consultation is a proportionate number.  Consequently, the Kingswood Residents’ Group supports the current proposals including the proposed new village envelope.  However, it is believed that clarification is required regarding the following issues:  phasing of development, windfalls, flooding, and character of future developments.  Each of these issues is considered below.


RDS5 of the June 2013 Revised Development Strategy indicated that development in Kingswood (Lapworth) would be spread over the three Plan Phases 1, 2 and 3.  However, as stated in Section 6.3, the current consultation document does not go into detail about the phasing of individual sites.  In order to ensure a smooth integration of the new developments into the village, the Kingswood Residents’ Group believes that they should be phased over the full duration of the Local Plan (ie up to 2029) rather than all built in the early years.


In its response to the June 2013 Revised Development Strategy the Kingswood Residents’ Group noted that in Section 4.2.3 of that Strategy an estimate of 2,800 windfall sites had been made, but that there was no clarity on either their location or their nature other than that WDC had informed us that the rural figure was 504.  The possible implications for a village, such as Lapworth, were not clear and were of concern.  This situation has not changed and clarification would be helpful


Residents are aware that several of the seven Preferred Option Sites in Kingswood are prone to flooding and, indeed, the Consultation Document states that two of the sites (1 and 6) will “need to be subject to detailed hydrology modelling”.  We would welcome assurance that the modelling will not be confined to the sites per se but will include the implications for the areas adjacent to the sites, and that any mitigation measures will not make matters worse for the surrounding areas but will improve them.

Character of Future Developments

It is understood that Warwick District Council’s benchmark figure for affordable housing is still 40%.  The Kingswood Residents’ Group is of the view that this figure is too high for Kingswood (Lapworth) where there is a lack of local employment and very poor public transport provision.  Furthermore, irrespective of the benchmark figure, we are of the view that priority to affordable housing should be given to people with local family connections.


The Kingswood Residents’ Group supports the proposals in the Village Housing Options & Settlement Boundaries Consultation Document for a total of 62 dwellings in Kingswood and for the new village envelope, but requests that further consideration and clarification be given to the phasing of development, the implications of windfalls, flooding studies, and the character of future developments.

Village Housing Options Drop In Session

 Stephen Hay from Warwick District Council will be at the Village Hall from 4 to 8 pm on Monday 16th December to answer questions and take comments on the Village Housing Options.   KRG Members are urged to attend, because the more interest we show, the more our views will be listened to.

As a reminder, the Village Site Consultation Document is available, together with details of how to comment, on the WDC Planning website at

 It is very important that KRG Members submit individual responses in order to demonstrate our continuing interest; again, the more interest we show, the more our views will be listened to.

Finally,  best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Next Open Meeting of Kingswood Residents’ Group – 2 December 2013

October 2013 Update


Site Location Consultation

At the meeting of Lapworth Parish Council on 14 October 2013 it was reported that some Parish Councillors had met with Stephen Hay on 26 September to receive an update from him on the site location consultation.  It would appear that WDC are taking a less prescriptive approach to the village sites and that some of the concerns that have been expressed by the Parish Council and residents have been considered by WDC.

The current thinking of WDC is summarised below.  However, it was stressed that Stephen Hay had emphasised that matters are still under consideration within WDC and definitive proposals have not yet been finalised.

  1. The next consultation on proposals for villages will be launched mid/end-November and will last for 8 weeks.  However, information was not given on the process.


  1. The concept of Primary and Secondary Villages has been abandoned and Lapworth is now viewed as a “Growth Village”. 


  1. WDC are still of the view that the Lapworth allocation should be concentrated in Kingswood.


  1. Landscape, ecological and public visual impact assessments have been completed.  As a consequence two sites to the east of Station Lane (ie the large fields) and one to the south of Rising Lane will not be proposed for development.


  1. The remaining sites, totalling 82 – 90 houses on the basis of currently assumed dwelling densities, will generally be in pockets of 5 – 10 houses with one site of 20 houses.  35 of these will be in Rowington.


  1. The Aylesbury House site is being considered for 20 houses to give an overall total of 102 – 110 houses in Lapworth overall.


  1. The above numbers do not include “windfall” development which would be subject to normal planning procedures. 


  1. WDC intends to draw a new “red line” around the expanded village envelope defining an area that will no longer be “washed over” by green belt, but which will be defined as an “inset” into green belt.  It is understood that this change of definition will make it easier to get planning permission within the “red line” in the future.


  1. No indication was given of the rate of development over the life of the Plan.


If confirmed at the next consultation phase, the above summary would indicate positive movement on the part of WDC, but the overall numbers are still high.  In addition the details will need to be clarified and challenged if necessary.

Stephen Hay has been contacted again by the KRG in order to obtain details of the timetable and process.  He has replied that he will be in contact when he has “clarification on some timetabling matters”.  Our MP has also been contacted by the KRG to enquire whether he has had a reply to his letter to WDC in which he sought details of the timetable and process.

Parish Plan and Neighbourhood Plan

The draft Parish Plan should be available at the end of the year and a public meeting will be arranged in mid-December to early January.

The Parish Council is forming a sub-committee to produce the Neighbourhood Plan and will be seeking professional advice.

Date of Next Meeting

At the last KRG meeting on 3 October it was decided to delay the November meeting until the last week in November so that it would be after the commencement of the Site Location Consultation.  A time and date have not yet been agreed.