Over the last few months the implications of the Warwick District Local Plan for the quality of life of the residents of the Kingswood area of Lapworth have gradually emerged.  Many residents of Kingswood feel that there has been extremely poor communication of the consultation process, difficulty in obtaining information, conflicting information when it is provided by the various parties involved, and a lack of a conduit for residents to express their concerns.  Consequently a group of residents from Kingswood Close and Station Lane have formed the Kingswood Residents’ Group with the primary aim of providing “A Voice for Kingswood”.

The purpose of the Group is to represent the interests of the residents of Kingswood not only in relation to the proposed development in the area but also in relation to other issues such as general protection of the environment and the provision and maintenance of adequate facilities such as schooling, transport and drainage.

On behalf of the residents, the Group will:

  • Seek clarity from Warwick District Council and Lapworth Parish Council by asking questions and, if necessary, making Freedom of Information requests.
  • Present the views of the residents to Warwick District Council, Lapworth Parish Council and Members of Parliament as appropriate.
  • Maintain a website to provide information to residents and to allow residents and others to exchange views.
  • Co-ordinate consultation responses.
Please note: Our Group and process are separate from the Lapworth Parish Plan, which is addressing wider community issues in a wider geographical area (the whole Parish).  However, relevant data that the Parish Plan steering group has obtained through its recent survey will be available to the Kingswood Residents’ Group (as it will to all Lapworth residents) on a timescale that will inform our planned submission to Warwick District Council’s next Local Plan consultation in June and July.