Response to Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan Consultation

Individual responses to the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan have to be submitted by 4.45 pm on Friday 27 June.  The on-line consultation document can be found at

The appropriate section would appear to be  DS11.   Please remember that responses should refer to process and methodology rather than detail.

The response submitted on behalf of the Kingswood Residents’ Group is as follows:

The Kingswood Residents’ Group supports the Pre-Submission Draft of the Warwick District Council Local Plan, and is of the opinion that due process has been followed in its development.  In particular Warwick District Council has arranged briefing meetings for village residents during its consultation periods, and has also held briefing meetings for Lapworth Parish Councillors.  Whilst communication has been slower than ideal at times between the several consultation periods, the Group believes that the overall process has been conducted fairly and professionally.  Consequently the Group commends Warwick District Council for producing a balanced document which meets its key national targets whilst also listening and responding to local views whenever good reasons have been presented by local residents.