Many Lapworth residents have expressed concern about Warwick District Council’s proposals for future housing development in the Parish particularly the scope and efficacy of the consultation process to date. Further to a recent Parish Council meeting, Kingswood area residents (especially those living in and around Station Lane and Kingswood Close) are seeking clarification and answers on a number of issues. As a result, several householders have come together to form a group in order to address these matters and give a voice to the interests of Kingswood area residents that will need to be recognised by the authorities.

Purpose of the Group

Primarily, the group intends to represent the interests of Kingswood area residents – particularly in regards to proposals for housing development and related matters in Lapworth. This includes those that happen to be in support of development proposals as the intention is to achieve a fair and balanced outcome for any new development/s in the area.

Other Related Factors

It is felt that the group needs to be separate to Lapworth Parish Council so that it can independently represent the interests of Kingswood area residents including questioning, challenging and lobbying the appropriate authorities as necessary. It is intended that this group is recognised as a formal consultative body with the appropriate authorities.

Group representatives

Les Clark – Chairman

Symon Easton – Vice Chair

Simon Ray – Secretary

John Clayton – Treasurer

Richard Forrester

Bob Cousins

Greg Bogusiak

Gerald Tanner

Note: This in an open forum for all residents to attend.

Scope of the (group) – role and responsibility

The group will primarily focus on all matters related to proposed (housing) developments in the area.

  • It will seek clarification regarding process and consultation from the relevant authorities – challenging and questioning any process, assumptions, and decisions as deemed necessary.
  • It will maintain a website and keep residents updated online and through meetings
  • It will lobby on behalf of residents’ interests including attendance at meetings and corresponding with the authorities as required
  • It will commission external advice and guidance as required and secure the funds in advance for any such work

Communication, Consultation and Reporting

The group will initially circulate an information leaflet through residents’ doors and establish a website to provide regular updates on news and progress. The website will include the facility for residents and others to be able to express their views, comments and feedback on-line. Residents are invited to open meetings every first Tuesday of the month or as otherwise advertised.

Schedule of meetings: support arrangements

In the first instance the group will meet the first Tuesday of every month at 8:00pm in the Lees Hall meeting room on Station Lane. Otherwise it will meet according to need. It is anticipated that support for the group will be provided by residents themselves.

Timescale (for any activity)

Initial group meeting 9 May

Terms of Reference – drafted for circulation 11 May

Kingswood residents attend Parish Council Meet 13 May to seek clarification on specific questions

Information leaflet through residents’ doors – w/c 20 May

Creation and implementation of website – end of May

Next open meeting – Tuesday 4th June

WDC Meet 4th June

Monthly meetings / attendance at ongoing LPC & WDC meets as necessary

Note; The majority of the future timeframe will be dictated by Warwickshire District Council’s planning / development process.


The main cost will be volunteer time.  Any proposals that incur costs (such as commissioning surveys or seeking expert advice) will need to be sponsored / fully funded before they are instigated. These may be dependent on receiving enough voluntary donations from residents.


Symon Easton

Vice Chair, Kingswood Residents’ Group,

5 Kingswood Close, Lapworth. B94 6JQ

Tel: 01564 782227 Mob: 07598 308 380